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In a Nutshell

The word Renaissance means renewal or rebirth.  Renaissance V will be the rebirth of what each student’s learning experience could be. The V simply stands for virtual. Due to the increasing need for options and flexibility, Renaissance V allows students to learn anywhere and anytime. Renaissance V was born from the same beginnings as its sister school, Athens Renaissance School.  While Athens Renaissance now focuses solely on Blended Learning for grades K-12,  Renaissance V serves students Virtually in grades 4-12. Even with the ground-breaking success of our students and the Renaissance brand, we are just getting started.  We don’t subscribe to the “let’s just do things the way we’ve always done them” mindset.  The world is rapidly changing and Renaissance V is committed to being a flexible option that supports students to be world changers.


Your Child’s Education. Anywhere, Anytime

With Renaissance V, your child can be engaged in learning at home or wherever there is an internet connection.  In fact, each student is provided a digital device free of charge to use while enrolled.  Students can study independently and move along through coursework at a pace that is suitable for them.  At the same time we offer the support of caring and supportive teachers who monitor, provide lessons and academic support to students via video conferencing. The staff at Renaissance V is committed to students mastering the required standards while making a smooth path toward graduation. Each child that enrolls in Renaissance V must also have a strong support system at home.  Parents will need to organize the learning day, monitor progress, maintain regular communication with their child’s teacher, and provide ongoing guidance and encouragement.  Parents who are not able to fulfill this role can assign these responsibilities to another family member or trusted adult.

In Your Neck of the Woods

Do you like the idea of virtual learning, but wish you could meet with a teacher or group of students close to your home when needed?  Renaissance V has you covered.  Our teachers regularly meet students in-person who need help with assignments, need tech support, or want to engage in social activities.  We meet with students in the following areas:  Athens, Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, and Monrovia.  Get real assistance, without the long drive!